About Us

Customer Experience

Focus is at the heart of Arbicare's culture. Our company does not pin its goals on providing an umbrella of services across as many claims as possible, but depends instead on delivering client specific implementations of Utilization Management services to derive meaningful and differential results on behalf of our clients.

Service excellence is the core value on which Arbicare was founded. Arbicare has grown rapidly as the result of the client service first approach we bring to partnership. Every decision about corporate strategy, operational execution, and service development has been made to enable a peerless customer experience in the managed healthcare space.

Who Is Arbicare?

Guiding Principles


To improve clinical care, foster great relationships, and restore lives post injury

Independent Ownership

No outside directives or distractions

Challenge the Status Quo

Do it better, do it faster, and ensure it’s serving the intended purpose

Injured Worker Safety

First and foremost, we view our process and medical care through the lens of patient safety


Our clients, our employees, our families, our communities

Our Vision

The Problem

Consolidation of managed care companies and lack of strategic focus has bred complacency and an unwillingness to invest UR programs.

The relationship between injured worker and employer deteriorates the minute the employee feels forgotten or falls victim of the system. Historically, Utilization Review programs have been reactive and adversarial in nature. They create conflict, uncertainty, and too often focus specifically on what care the patient cannot have.

This results in delayed care, litigation, and extended claims life.

The Solution

Researchers have concluded that compliance with the Official Disability Guidelines has been shown to reduce claim duration by 13% and reduce medical costs by 38%. The New England journal of medicine concluded that support from others is the number one motivator for realizing health goals.

As the industry’s first advocacy-based UR organization, we believe that employees who are valued during difficult times are employees who recover. We do that through creating the industry's highest levels of communication with the provider to ensure and help facilitate evidence-based care.

Human interaction isn’t transactional, it’s a relationship. We lean into that. The value of each relationship we form by creating more interactions informs better care and injured worker recovery.

Employees who are valued during difficult times are employees who recover

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