6 Advantages of Peer Review During COVID-19 and Beyond

The introduction of COVID-19 into our lives has forced us to think differently about many of the routine actions we take on a daily basis. “In-person” has a time and place, but alternative remote options are proving to be both beneficial and efficient. Managed care is no different. This resource guidebook will touch on the advantages that peer review offers payer organizations vs. the traditional Independent Medical Examination process, including:

  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Predictable quality and outcomes
  • Reduced price

About Arbicare

Focus is at the heart of Arbicare's culture. Our company does not pin its goals on providing an umbrella of services across as many claims as possible, but depends instead on delivering client specific implementations of Utilization Management services to derive meaningful and differential results on behalf of our clients.

Service excellence is the core value on which Arbicare was founded. Launched in 2019, Arbicare has grown rapidly as the result of the client service first approach we bring to partnership. Every decision about corporate strategy, operational execution, company structure, and service development has been made to enable a peerless customer experience in the workers' compensation managed healthcare space. It was the company's central hypothesis that it could not only compete, but lead our industry through developing unique service implementations that prioritize customer needs. The choices made to support unmatched customer experiences are apparent through our operational model and our speed to innovation. Each of these promote our capacity to provide unique service implementations to each of our clients.

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