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The Arbicare team has multiple decades of experience in workers’ compensation utilization management. We have the unique perspective of having observed both macro and micro level trends as it relates to utilization management programs in our space. The managed care industry continues to consolidate as workplace injury rates decrease. The result is a managed care industry with less utilization management focus, conflicting incentives, reduced flexibility, and limited innovation.

With Arbicare, utilization management serves our clients, injured workers, physicians, families, and communities. Meet the team who is breaking the mold and helping utilization management better produce its intended outcomes.

Alex O'Neal

Chief Executive Officer

Alex has spent the majority of his career in the workers’ compensations industry focusing primarily on utilization management and the application of evidence based care for employees injured on the job. As an industry leader, Alex has earned a strong reputation for his ability to uncover pain points and collaborate with leadership teams to create effective solutions inside some of the world’s largest bearers of risk. Alex is passionate about helping all of those affected by workplace injury and is committed to providing leadership for increased advocacy inside the workers' compensation industry.

Haldavid Cope


Haldavid entered the workers' compensation marketplace from a public health background and has spent most of the last decade developing new services to address the points of friction between healthcare provision and administration that lead to poor patient outcomes. As an operator, Haldavid has garnered a reputation for being a fair, results oriented, and engaged leader. Haldavid’s comprehensive experience in utilization management has seen him lead efforts through the creation of value-add clinical programs, IT workflow enhancements, and operational efficiencies to better fuel organizational growth. His educational background includes a Masters in Public Health from Emory University and a BS in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology from the same.

Jerid Morris

Vice President, Operations

Jerid began his workers' compensation career in 2013, after several years in the medical practice management and administrative healthcare fields. He has built a strong reputation as an organizer of best practices in utilization management, with his primary focus being the assurance of evidence-based care delivery for employees injured in the workplace. He prides himself on the relationships and mutual trust he has fostered in the workers' compensation industry, and on helping to build and maintain a culture of decency, good faith, and candor within the sector. He's enthusiastic about the design and implementation of new and more efficient service offerings - all with the aim of fostering better outcomes for injured workers.

Aliza Krug, PA-C

Clinical Director

Aliza is a board-certified Physician Assistant with more than a decade of experience working with patients in both an in-patient and out-patient setting. Aliza’s focus in clinical practice has been on disease prevention and promoting healthy lifestyles. She has extensive clinical experience in orthopedics, pulmonology, and urgent care medicine and is proficient in procedural skills, medical therapies, diagnostics, records review, and monitoring. Her past experience also includes time working in occupational medicine and treating workers’ compensation patients in both an urgent care and orthopedics setting. Prior to entering the medical field, Aliza gained experience working as a manager and district training manager for a large retail corporation. As a manager, Aliza is regarded as encouraging, goal-oriented, hard working, and reliable. Aliza earned her Master’s of Medical Science degree from Mercer University and was a Chairperson of the Godsey-Matthew’s Society. She earned her Bachelor's from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Scott Whitlow

Vice President, Customer Experience

Scott has spent the last 15 years in various client service roles focusing on building brand awareness, growing revenue, and establishing strong customer relationships. Scott’s diverse international experience includes working with Fortune 500 companies like Heineken and Coca Cola. Scott has a proven track record of establishing and growing strong relationships by identifying and solving complex customer issues. Scott is passionate about new and challenging situations that require unique solutions. Scott’s past roles in workers’ compensation are both operational and customer facing, which provides him a unique perspective for optimizing the customer experience. Scott’s educational background includes a BS degree from Georgia Southern University.

Gunnar Gibson

Director, Business Performance Programs

Gunnar has been in the business of serving others throughout his career. With most of his experience coming from hospitality and manufacturing, Gunnar seeks to deliver the highest quality service while fostering a welcome and caring relationship with his clients. Among his peers, he is known for his goal-oriented approach and adaptability to provide precisely what the customer needs. His educational background consists of a BBA from Augusta University and certification of Project Management through the Project Management Institute.

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